Falling in love

I have been in love a few times. The man I fell in love with back before my son was born, well he was a real winner. He had no clue what true love was all about. I wasn’t suppose to get pregnant the doctor’s said. Well Mr. Wright proved differently. I always wanted at least one child, well I got my son, my Mr. Wright. The newspaper ad I wrote said; “Looking for Mr. Right”, well he called and said you found him. I had to call him back. This man surely sounded like a true joker. I called and said; What makes you so sure your Mr. Right? He said I am my names Mr Wright, with a W of course. To make a long story short. I ended up having Mr. Wright myself and of course, I wasn’t the only woman he was seeing. Shortly after my son was born he had the other woman in his shower and hadn’t answered my calls in weeks. He said he had found his love. I guess I had looked for love in all the wrong places. Me and my sons father became best friends in the hours we had spent on the phone. I’ve always found the wrong ones with a heart so true. The man I married we have almost been married a total of seven years, he has brought questions to my heart and mind. A man always tells you what you want to hear in the beginning. Every man that I have been with that has cheated on me has came to realize they messed up a good thing with me. My husband has brought questions to my mind, for he is always right. I do love him God knows I do. I met him during work he seemed to be so interested in me. Now he has wondering eyes and a secret cell phone I doubt he will ever tell me about. Why wouldn’t a husband tell his wife he has no phone? It makes no sense to me. I hope I haven’t wasted all the years, that I have been with him. Nothing is ours or us he speaks of his and mine. When you get married its supposed to be two into one. Two souls become as one. I have to figure out his intentions. If you love your wife, love her with your whole heart show her she matters and that she’s a very important part of your life, be a man and admit to your wrong doings to be on the right path of a lifetime together. Never look at another with a lustful eye. Look at her with Love and Affection. A heart that’s pure and true for a lifetime with your soulmate were you consider one another’s heart, so there will never be a heart left broken. Remember a cheater always gets caught. So if your going to be in love don’t half ass it, be true.


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