Rock Bottom

Well it has been a long and very boring summer. A lot if everyday stresses has definitely got to me. The last couple days I’ve spent a lot of time with my husband. My parents live right over top of me. Sometimes I can hear the screaming and chaos of my moms voice, echoing through the floor. I must say that does become very bothersome. I’d love for her to be understanding to know at age 35 I’m gonna make my own decisions. Parents should show their children love, understanding and guidance. Right now my car’s broke down, school is about to start up for my son and the panic attacks keep coming and coming. I wouldn’t wish one on my worst enemy. I’ve never been were I am right now. I have always worked and been independent. But now it’s like I’m stuck. I’m at Rock Bottom! Yeah, what they say is true you do find out who your friends are when you reach this horrible point. You look around you see all of life’s struggles. I know I have to be strong my sons father is never there for him it is all me. His dad brings out excuses of why he never shows up for him when he promises too. I’ve never had anything bad to say about the man besides the broken promises he leaves with our son. He’s always telling him he’s coming and never shows. Oh how bad id like to smack him for this. We are never promised tomorrow so I’m living for the right now. If you don’t worry about yourself trust me no one else will. Here in West Virginia I don’t think the doctors even care anymore. Their is always an excuse to get you out fast and not care to help make your life better. Especially with panic disorder in which I fight everyday of my life. Let’s see how long it takes me to get up from Rock Bottom.


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