~Far Away ~


My whole life I always loved watching romance films, or reading that novel about someone’s high school sweetheart. I didn’t think I would ever meet the love of my life, eventually I assumed my prince charming was on a long vacation at some far away place and I was just awaiting for his return.  Finally, he made it to me at the most awkward place. I sent to college to be a legal secretary, but with the jobs so scarce, I just couldn’t find a job so I done the inevitable. I was in a bad relationship at the time, but not committed, but was still holding on to it with hope. I needed a job so bad. My sister use to do adult entertainment as a stripper, so yeah she talked me into it. Yeah, that’s right I started dancing, scared at first but I sure did get the hang of it. I was a Legal Secretary that went Buck Wild to make that money. I had by far the perfect body, but with time I started getting my self esteem back my boyfriend at the time took away. I lost weight started taking better care of my health and by the compliments I had received I eventually had the loom I always wanted. If was my job to take care of myself and the good thing was I got paid to do it. Hell yeah!!! I stayed at the job for about five years at JB’s Gentleman’s Club, then it happened he walked in. I usually just danced as if no one was watching. Yeah, I bad my regular customers, but when he walked in he surely caught my eye. I had a black wrap on and a black and grey belly top on and black chunky heel eight inch stilettos. I was listening to the song “Far Away” by: Nickelback. He was at the bar getting a Budweiser and he came and set down at the stage. At first I didn’t think he was real. I thought I just had to much to drink. I kept glancing over at him as I twirled around the pole. He had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, muscular build, goatee. Perfect!!!! I absolutely adored him. By the third song I had nothing on but a wrap and heels even the thongs came off. I danced slowly across the stage, stooped down and started exotically dancing right in front of him. Even though I was shy it didn’t bother me to tell him how I felt. I bluntly said “Your hot and I want you” but in more of a blunt way. He replied I think your hot too. My heart sunk. I gazed into his eyes and kept talking to him and said: I bet you have a different girlfriend in every county. He said he didn’t. This shocked me. I couldn’t believe it be was single and was into me as much as I was into him. He gave me his number I didn’t call at first, but I guess I did get his attention because he kept coming in to see me. I would get so excited to see his blue S10 truck pull in on the lot on the monitor. Everyday he got off work he would come see me. The more I got to know him the more I fell in love with him. I even gave him a sweetheart bracelet that said “I love you”. The same day he told me he had fallen in love with me. I went home that evening and the man I was with that just lived with me read one of my text about making money on a private show that he didn’t know done. I never mentioned it because we had no love or relationship, but he still grabbed me and beat my head into the floor while calling me a slut. We lived with my parents at the time. My mom heard my head bouncing off the floor and she came upstairs immediately and told him to leave and don’t come back. He left and I called Bryant. He came stayed all night with me. We waited to have sex before that night but we did do it once at a park. I was so nervous the first time is together in a bed together. We made love all night long. It was amazing as so was he. He came to my house every night and visited me at work everyday. I was the happiest I had been in six years. All I knew before him was abuse in my previous relationship. That guy tried to come back and get in and I didn’t allow it. I was deeply in love with my prince charming which he had purposed with a ring and of course I said YES!!!! We got married on September 27, 2008 which was also his birthday. Yes, were still together today which next month makes seven years of marriage and I still love him just as much well more then I did even back then. He’s laying right here with me. My sexy prince charming, which is now my husband, always & forever more!!! We got married to the song “Far Away” by: Nickelback, but he’s no longer far away he’s right were he’s supposed to be right here with me. My happily ever after.



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