The Broken Truth

It’s sad, but true. Sometimes if you act like you love someone too much. You actually push them away. If your in a marriage then sometimes you end up in a Broken marriage, with the Broken truth. They lie about loving you, the deceit you in a way that can make you think, why? They start blaming you for what they are doing, their flaws. My dad always told me you can’t make someone love you, and you can’t. When they start telling you the Broken truth, being mean, not so affectionate, saying specific things that they aren’t doing they are. This is the point I’m at with my marriage. They act like they are asleep until you are, then sleep with one eye open. You then will see the painful, heartbreaking truth. Then you need to take this time to rediscover who you are. Start preparing yourself for what could happen. Sometimes the truth hurts so bad we don’t want to see it. So we want to believe them so bad, we do. In all reality if you have that deep gut feeling they have a back-up plan, guess what they do. Then it’s time to try to rebuild yourself. They don’t think your worth nothing, your not if you let them win. Be stronger than them, stop chasing and wishing. Let them do that, then they will know they are losing true love for what they lust. A lustful eye is never good. It’s just a sign you need to turn in another direction yourself. They may follow you, then again they could possibly think that the grass is greener on the other side. Then they won’t see a good thing till it’s gone. By then if may be too late. Then if they do screw you over don’t worry about getting even. When you do bad unto others it has a funny way of showing back up on them in the long run. So try to think positive and on the right path. True love always finds it’s way even if they have to learn the Broken truth!!!!


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