Well tonight my heart hurts. I don’t know if I’m having heart problems or just a heartbreak. The things I’ve been through when it comes to love, seems so unreal. My husband has been my heart for almost seven years now. The last couple days he has seemed pretty distant. I looked from the bathroom back near the bed were he was laying. It really looked as though he was hiding a cell phone. I guess him and whomever she is isn’t getting  to well or something.  I really hope he doesn’t have plans breaking my heart and giving me a heartache that would last a lifetime. I’m all upset right now. Just like when he went to the mall on Saturday. His phone was going dead he seemed so happy coming home Friday on payday that happiness ended the last couple days. I hope and pray he really does love me always & forever or I’ll have a heartache the rest of my life. I hope that doesn’t happen….


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