The Lips Of A Vampire

We walk around everyday not knowing what truly exist around us. Some supernatural powers. They look like normal people , just like you and I. They are very much different. They have eternal life and are damned to this earth, until the end, when all humans are extinct and God comes to get his people. These supernatural beings that some call vampires may still be here. Knowing what they are, some chose it and then some did not. Then their is heavenly angels among us. They also look like normal people, but are blessed , some call them the fallen and The Angels protect us. They can since any supernatural being around “The Vampires”. They can hear the whispers of The lips of a vampire!!! If they are near the angels get a cold chill, because vampires have no blood they crave it. The angels were sent to earth and some were born among us to stop them. Everyone knows vampires have a lurring affect on people , well angels either watch over you, protect you and they can put an amazing, convincing sense of direction on a person. It’s like they stir you in the right path of direction.


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