Gone Never Forgotten


On March 21, 2008 was one of the worst days of my life. I found my little brother passed away. I thought I could revive him, but could not. I had done so many times before. He had an accidental overdose. He was 25 years old the day he passed, he had been gone a little over three hours when I found him. I remember doing CPR and hearing the last bit of air come out of his lungs. I lost it, I don’t think I have ever been the same since. I still wish he was here to talk too, all us kids grew up close. We lived in a small neighborhood Chandler Drive growing up. Everyone was like family, we all hung out at the park and went to dances. We always had fun even playing truth or dare on the park’s steps. We had good memories. I have a lot of good memories of my brother too, it breaks my heart to this day he’s no longer on this earth, but I’m sure he resides in heaven. I now talk to my brother through prayer and he resides in my memory and pictures. When death stares you in the face you get to thinking and if your like me having panic attacks thinking about how short life really is. Then after he passed more of my friends did and family. The whole concept of death is a hard subject to think about. Make as many memories as you can live life for God and try to overcome the obstacles sin throws at us. We are all scared of dying the panic attacks become almost intolerable, but we have to move forward even with panic and try to make the most out of our life. I’ve been missing my little brother as I also suffer from severe panic attacks. You will always be in my heart Lil brother, I’m so thankful to have you as my guardian angel. God Bless and R.I.P Travis Hall, love and miss you so very much.


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