One Day


Today has been one of those days. I have had a lot on my mind. Everything seems to be happening all at once, and the racing thoughts seem to keep pouring in. The anxiety seems to never stop, maybe one day I’ll get those under control they are starting to add to the stress in my life. Things have got to change and get better, God willing I will change it and improve anything that I can. I seem to be having a late night tonight. Been watching movies this weekend, it started out with a stomach bug this weekend now the panic. Its like 2am and the insomnia is still going strong. I decided today its time to fit more exercise into my life it always makes you feel better when you exercise. I know it always takes a while to get results, but at least now I’m thinking in the right direction. I know with time we get older and older, the things we once done in the past seem so difficult. I’m 35 years old about to be 36 here soon and I know there is no better time then now to start trying to take care of myself. My sons growing up on me so fast, life will pass you by if you just set around and let it. I’m in the process of learning how to be myself, discover who I am, and make the changes I want to make. I’m too much in my head these days taking each day as it comes. I guess I’ll try to get some sleep for now guess I’ll go for now. Sincerely, Love me..


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