Who I am


It’s been a while since I have posted, a lot has went on. I have been trying to find myself, and learn to accept what I can’t change. My theory is why would you want to change someone you love? How is that even possible…. I have been married seven years now, to a man who I love very much. Yes, in some way I do feel he still loves me, he just wants me to change me. It’s stupid little things too such as; not wanting me to wear makeup, color I dye my hair, not wanting me to wear perfume, not wanting me to get on the phone at all, etc. I know some things change when you get married and those things I have changed, I know he knows I am 100% in love with him since day one. I just hope he loves me as much as I love him. Love is a big part of this life, and in order to keep your love alive you must keep your love and your affection alive and going. I’m giving my all for love he just has to do the same and your partner must meet you halfway. When your in love you must fight for it. Let your significant other know you love them and they are very important to you and your life together. Well wish me luck my husband isn’t very happy about my hair and my makeup but regardless of that he should know I’m trying to lift myself up and feel better about myself. He says he loves me so he’s got to understand right? I really hope so its me the exact same person he fell in love with.


Always & forever…..


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