Describes Me


Why can’t we make our dreams a reality? Well we can we just got to try hard enough. A person that strives with the ability and the right talent can go a long way. This past New Year (2016) I had so many damn goals….but never wrote them down. I’ve been through so much in life, but it’s made me who I am today. At the age of 14 years old I had been on the quest to find it. Later in my late twenties I was dancing on a bar, pretending to be someone else, I just so happened to like myself that way. I got attention, good compliments, bills paid, but inside I knew and still know I do have a gift, for it to be recognized well I guess will have to see. Yeah, I am a bitch and a lover, I’ll tell you why. Men in my book want what they can’t have, when they have you they eventually stop trying. I call this the Dying Love process. It sickens me after being married for seven years that my husband is no longer paying attention to me, I just exist. I know I love him, but two must work together to see things through, that is ultimately his decision to do in life. This year I’ll speak my mind, try to better myself and be exactly who and what I want to be. I’ll never change for anyone. It’s my life I care less what people think of me. I’m a high believer in God and very in tune with nature. Everyday a person wakes up they should try to be the very best person they want to be for what they want to see in themselves. I suffer with panic disorder, not being medicated for it can be a real Bitch at times. Yes I do the therapy bullshit, guess what it doesn’t work for me. I keep my mind busy, but it’s still there. I got a lot of upcoming test and one is for skin cancer, then I’m going to attempt to see my psychiatrist one last time if he don’t seem to help me this time. I won’t be going back. Wish me luck to everyone that suffers the way I do I salute you and my heart is with you. Never give up strive for greatness.