New Years, New ways…

Happy New year to everyone who eventually reads my story. When I think of the New Year, I think about life in general. Life is way too short to stress the little things. Yeah, sometimes I have these horrible panic attacks that overwhelms me. Im working on that. I have a dream to get started on my books. One fiction and one non-fiction. You make a million and one excuses why not to do something. You have got to change it up. Little things matter, how you act to people matters. What if it was the very last time that you got to see that person. So rise above your pride or stubborn ways and try to find the good in people. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Take time for yourself and the little things you enjoy. Sometimes fantasy is a lot better than reality go there from time to time and take a moment to enjoy it. For New Years take out a piece of paper and write down all the things you desire in this life and give it your all to try to find the ways to make it all happen. I’ll be writing my books soon so stay tuned for more stories from Your Story Matters. Happy New Years everyone!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


Celebrity Normal

Ok yeah, so im a sucker for vampires. This TVD couple may surprise me on the show Vampire Diaries, all this dating crap-would it seriously be in the way of making the ratings of the show go down. This is just disappointing. It’s a job and yeah so what your friend is now married to your Ex get on with it, do the show for your fans. It’s not like this is a fiction movie. Well yeah, they made a cute on screen couple. If she dont come back shame on her and if they can’t get along and get it done, then they shouldn’t be in the acting industry all together,  but im just a normal nobody right? Im sure there are plenty others who would agree with me. Right?

You say it best when you say nothing at all….

 As the new year approaches, a lot comes to my mind. Life is so short to be anything, but happy right? We have no judge in this life but God himself. If someone tries to judge you smile and walk away. They are no better than you are. If someone buys you a gift, just because they think you are special and they dont throw it up in your face then it means so much more to you when you think they got it because you are worth it. Then if they get it for you and don’t say nothing it means a lot because they really think that you were worth it. It hurts when someone puts you down when they do something and then they regret it. Forgive these people and forget them or you can relive the same thing they have done and regret it all over again. I have a lot of goals for the new year. A lot of hopes and dreams to make a reality in this short life. So make the most out of your life do what you want and make it count, we are never promised tomorrow or the next few moments. Memories both bitter and sweet are the moments we have to cherish take a lot of pictures and hold them close to your heart and keep them there forever. ~♡~