Celebrity Normal

Ok yeah, so im a sucker for vampires. This TVD couple may surprise me on the show Vampire Diaries, all this dating crap-would it seriously be in the way of making the ratings of the show go down. This is just disappointing. It’s a job and yeah so what your friend is now married to your Ex get on with it, do the show for your fans. It’s not like this is a fiction movie. Well yeah, they made a cute on screen couple. If she dont come back shame on her and if they can’t get along and get it done, then they shouldn’t be in the acting industry all together,  but im just a normal nobody right? Im sure there are plenty others who would agree with me. Right?


3 thoughts on “Celebrity Normal

  1. I couldn’t have said it better! I agree with you 100%. It was the fans that kept the show alive, so yeah I feel she sort of should suck it up and give back a little. Be a professional!

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    1. Exactly, I hope they can put their differences aside so their fans can enjoy now the ending of what is left of the show. I have so many ideas with what I am going to write this year, and if im lucky enough to get it published if it ever becomes a movie there will be a contract. It will state if you date a co-worker and they break up they still have to fulfill their fans wishes. Thank you and thank you for commenting looking forward to getting to know you my friend. ♡


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