Angel Bite (The Dream)

  •  I thought it would be another sleepless night. I never dream, but yeah id love to escape reality from time to time and have a dream. I guess with my crazy life I thought my life was too good to have a nice dream. Then I moved from living with my mom in North Caroina to living with my dad in West Virginia, big change, but I never imagined what happened well last night, I dreamed!!!!! It was one of those dreams that you never want to forget. In my dream I thought I looked beautiful, my self confidence these days was low, but in this dream. I seen a man that I felt drawn too. He was absolutely something I was destined to do by God, I felt like I was sent here to help him…then I walked across my bedroom and looked in the mirror wondering am I really dreaming??? I looked different vibrant, my hair didn’t look so brittle, but beautiful and vibrant. A new me and as I was admiring myself in the mirror I seen something that disturbed me, bite marks??? Then the man reappeared and said I have been looking for you for a long time. I smiled and said you have? He said yes for I have lost my way..he said my name is Michael what’s yours I said Destiny and he said so be it and it’s true you shall be my Destiny.