“Open another chapter”

 Well this week I watched the final episode of Vampire Diaries, as I have a million and one ideas of the books I’m writing. I cried on the final episode, my favorite TVD show I’d now just on DVD. I find that disturbing. I guess no more Salvatore brothers to watch on Friday’s.  I guess they all have opened new chapters as well in their lives. Me on the other hand my new chapter will be getting these books done. You never know if you have real talent, until you have an audience who admires your work as well as you do yourself. Also, in writing comes research which I have tons I have been doing. I hope my books come out as well as I have planned, I have no clue if I could ever compare to Julie Plec, but at least I can say I tried right? I think romance in a book or television series makes it more interesting. Yes, I can’t complain there was a June wedding, but what about Damon and Elenas wedding? Yes, I seen a ring on her finger, but I wish there could have been a glimpse of their happiness and I’m glad she didn’t kill them both off, but poor Stephen right. So sad, I’m just stuck in the middle of were I’m writing. Of course my main focus in my book is about Angels and Vampires and I feel like I need a title which you would think that would be the easiest part, but not for me. It seems to be the hardest. Well I guess enough blabbering and a must do is in my near future. I’ll list some of my ideas in my post and please feel free to comment on what you like, and what you think could be better. Much love to all and to all a Goodnight and God Bless


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