Is it just me or does life get more complicated as you get older. I grew up in The Hollar, Chandler Drive Hollar to be exact. Growing up there wasn’t much electronics, we went to the Chandler Drive Rec Center for fun. Playing games of Truth or Dare on the steps. Having slumber parties we were all Family. We still are. My parents bought a club house in the 30’s and turned it into a house. That’s were me and my brother Travis and little sister Elaine get up, me the oldest. I’m Crystal by the way, our life was fun, we made plenty of memories the ones you cherish forever and everyone was paired up. We would all get together at the dances that Tony would have at the park, everyone would get all dolled up and go. I met my first love at one of my neighbors houses her name was Virginia she took me to met her best friends brother Gabe and yeah that is were the first strings in my heart was pulled. We dated forever it seemed, I would get so excited to go up Rush Creek to see him and stay all night. Those were the days. His hair was long black and wore it back in a bandanna and a pony tail. He had these cut dark brown puppy dog eyes which I adored. He seemed to love me as much as I loved him, then one day he said he was babysitting and I could just stay home. So I gathered my things that night and went to my friend Heather’s house to stay all night. We had fun till the next morning , someone called and said he was at my friend Virginia’s house with her cousin. I immediately got dressed went up there and sure enough there he laid in the floor with her. So I reacted by kicking him in the head and saying Really? Virginia’s cousin got up apologizing and went to the bathroom. This is the first heartbreak I had ever known. I went home crying and told my mom and she told me there would be plenty more and well there was , but the next one was my first True Love, his name was Matt and well that is another story..


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