Okay, so I haven’t got on in a long while, lots of things racing through this mind of mine. But I have finally put a grasp on it. I want to get out there and notice every single one of you,  but until then you can get to know me on here. Every weekend I have been going through this agony of hell with my husband it may start with beer and end in liquor. It’s not the drinking alone that gets on my nerves it is how he starts belittling me and dragging me down and then as Gary Allen would say walking on me like a door mat. If he had my life in his hands, he would totally change me as a person. Each and every one of us is special I’m our own way if someone comes and changes who we are then we are no longer that special person that we once are. We all have these big hopes and dreams in life and here I am pushing forty and my husband pointing out all of my flaws as a person. I just want to throw this out here, all we have is right now excuse my French but the hell with whatever everyone else thinks do you and make your own story. I am a battered woman physically and emotionally both and that is what makes me the strong woman I am today so bring it. Before I reach the age of forty I want to be everything I have always wanted to be. That takes hard work and determination and to throw out all the negative idiots that get in my way and try to stop me. Join me and be everything you have always wanted to be and more in Your Story Matters and so do each and everyone of you.  God Bless you and much love your life is in YOUR OWN HANDS.