My Opinion For Hollywood

  I can’t believe when you get on Google and you just say want to read up on one of your favorite movies or maybe one of your favorite actors and what do you see??? GOSSIP!!!! WTF- Yes I can be very bold when I want to be. Can you imagine one of your favorite actors being caught up in it. Those stupid articles full of lies!!!! Yeah, some may be true but damn mind your own business we are all entitled to our one shot at life. No I’m far from perfect, I’m just on the outside looking in and it’s a damn shame. I do have a few famous friends I talk to every once and a while and id never say their name to draw more attention. These people are just trying to live their lives as normal as they can be with a camera shoved up their ass show some respect people. Sorry had to rant. #Yourstorymatters #Evenforthecelebrities