With All My Heart

Yes, that’s my dad. He sure has been through a lot this month. This man I have looked up to my whole life. Here lately I have seen him go through so much. He has heart surgery and he is a diabetic. If you do read my post send a prayer up for my daddy and yes I have and always will be a daddy’s girl. Mentally and physically I am drained. I never see my husband and since its not his father he decided not to go with me during my dad’s surgery. Your supposed to be there for your spouse that you Love. I do know and many of you know the word Love id so deep. It should only be used when you mean it. I take it very seriously when I use the word Love and so should all if you. We are never promised a tomorrow and we should always live each day to better ourselves in life. Sometimes some don’t know how to express Love they just say it. Its only a word unless you back it up with actions from the heart. ❤ Always be there for your mother and father, you have one chance at life to do this and there will be no future of you intending to do this because the future is what we make of it and they days we open our eyes we have that opportunity. So each day think of the word Love and make it happen.


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