Distance can make the heart grow fonder..

  1. I must say sometimes after so many years of being with your spouse it can make your heart grow fonder, if of course it is due to distance. If they live with you and no longer coversate and would rather watch a television show instead of spending time with you then there very well may be a problem. No matter how far you go to meet your significant other in the middle and they don’t meet you at least half way. If one partner don’t show the other that they are willing to go that extra mile well that is when the word LOVE and it’s whole meaning is questioned. True love these days is so hard to find, all because Lust is more sought then Love in general sad to say isnt as meaningful as it once was. I remember when I first met my husband, he would point out all my good qualities , but now he can name all my flaws and I see him when he sleeps. Even if I come to spend time with him he just goes to sleep or is to into a TV show to say a word to me, he doesn’t try which I’m sure the outcome won’t be so great. He works in a mall full of women and can talk to them all day about God knows what and he can even give them good compliments, but he can’t give me one. So you can see how a spark and a love so true can have a flame burn out and become an old flame then they go chase something new only to find that, it might be new but it was nothing like they had. I guess we all learn from our mistakes but sometimes we have to live with those mistakes and then sometimes we have to live without them. So if you love someone don’t spend all your time putting them down and reminding them of all the flaws they have, they already know them all and if someone truly loves them they make sure to find the good qualities if they are constantly pointing out thwme bad then they are looking for someone to blame other than themselves, this is what I call”Foolish Pride”. If you truly love someone you will set time aside and try your best to make them feel good about themselves. Don’t try to put them down and point your finger at the person you say you love. Actions speak louder than words and all that will do is show them how you can belittle them. Then after all that they will just walk away the distance won’t make the heart grow fonder after you have already broken it.💕💏💒 Quote: Foolish Pride and Love Don’t Collide

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